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Press Release- Emeka Igwe Secures Freedom for Elmer Daniels

By: The Igwe Firm
December 19, 2018


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December 18, 2018

ELMER DANIELS, a wrongfully convicted man who was given a life sentence at the age of 18, has been released and has been exonerated of all charges after serving 39 years in the state of Delaware for a crime he did not commit.

Philadelphia, PA – PHILADELPHIA, PA. — Emeka Igwe (“Attorney Igwe”), managing Partner of The Igwe Law Firm, P.A., has investigated, defended and now has freed Elmer Daniels (“Mr. Daniels”), an innocent man who been in prison since 1980.  Mr. Daniels, at the age of 18 years old, was wrongfully convicted of a rape, which led to him serving 39 years in prison for a crime he did not commit.

In Wilmington, Delaware, at the age of 18 years old, Mr. Daniels, an African-American male, was convicted by an all-white jury for allegedly raping a 15-year-old white female.  After his conviction in May 1980, Mr. Daniels was sentenced to life in prison.

For the past two years upon various written requests, Attorney Igwe has brought to light the many inconsistencies involved in Mr. Daniels case to the FBI and the United States Department of Justice. Mr. Daniels’ conviction was based upon i) deeply flawed and long-since discredited “hair science”; ii) the victim’s incorrect identification of Mr. Daniels based upon false statements and testimony of witnesses; iii) fabricated evidence that the witness was a middle school classmate of Mr. Daniels’; iv) questionable conduct by the State with respect to production of exculpatory fingerprint evidence; and v) prosecutorial overreaching at trial.

Any suggestion that the State sua sponte undertook to review Mr. Daniels’ conviction and sentence should be dispelled. Rather, the State of Delaware, including its “Actual Innocence Program,” resisted overturning Mr. Daniels’ conviction even after significant flaws in his trial were brought to their attention by Attorney Igwe, and his lead investigator, Terence Jones.

As a former prosecutor, military attorney, and practicing attorney for 14 years, this is the most egregious case of injustice I have ever seen. Mr. Daniels has been imprisoned for 39 years for a crime he did not commit,” said Attorney Igwe. “Whoever choked and raped the alleged victim left his fingerprints on her neck, and those fingerprints do not belong to Mr. Daniels. In addition, the FBI and the US Department of Justice have admitted their agent, Special Agent Michael P. Malone, falsely claimed that there was a double match of hair fibers of Mr. Daniels and the alleged victim.”

The pursuit to justice continued through Attorney Igwe, and his investigator, Terence Jones, who obtained the decades-old middle school transcripts of Mr. Daniels’ and the victim, and provided them to the State. These records conclusively proved that Mr. Daniels did not attend the same 8th grade math class as the state ‘s key witness, directly contradicting the witness’s police statements and trial testimony.

The State’s long-delayed concession that there is “doubt as to the continued justice of conviction” comes after Mr. Daniels has served 39 years in prison for this crime which he did not commit.

It’s critical to note, this is not the result of the State’s sua sponte benevolence, but rather is the direct result of the collective efforts of Mr. Daniels and his legal team, who have conclusively proven that Mr. Daniels was wrongfully convicted and incarcerated for 39 years based on a false identification, false statements, false police report, false testimony, and false scientific evidence, thus prompting the State to act in the interest of justice on Mr. Daniels’.

Press Conference Attendees:

(Attendees subject to change based on availability)

  1. Elmer Daniels
  2. Emeka Igwe – senior legal attorney for the defendant
  3. Terence Jones – Investigator for The Igwe Firm
  4. Edna Emory – Mr. Daniels Girlfriend

When:                 11:00AM, December 18, 2018

Location:             Philadelphia Office of The Igwe Firm, 1500 JFK BLVD, Suite 1900, Phila., PA 19102

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