Catastrophic Injury

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes a catastrophic injury?
Catastrophic injuries can occur in all types of accidents. Some examples are: Slip and falls, Motor vehicle accidents, Product liability, Assaults, Medical malpractice, Exposure to toxic chemicals etc.
Why is a catastrophic injury unique?
Because the monetary damages for catastrophic injuries can be very high, the at-fault defendant often retains the best defense attorneys. It is important that you retain a personal injury lawyer who has experience and knowledge in dealing with the unique issues involved with a catastrophic injury case. In order to create a solid case, it is necessary to hire the right personal injury lawyers. The Igwe Firm has a great team of personal injury lawyers to help protect the rights and liberties of the involved party.
What are some examples of catastrophic injuries?
Spinal cord injuries, Brain injuries, Loss of vision or hearing, Horrific disfigurement, Loss of limbs, Burn injuries etc.