Avoid Truck Accidents In High Winds

High winds and semi trucks spell trouble. Ultimately, the truck will become a sail with high winds. There are plenty of videos on the internet of semi trucks blowing over on a freeway during high wind storms. Communication with truck drivers and weather alerts happen when weather is going to be adverse and yet, for one reason or another truck drivers don’t heed the warnings and keep their truck on the road.

Truck drivers staying on the freeways during high winds can become hazardous, not just for the driver to lose their cargo or end up with damage to their truck, but other drivers can be involved in an accident if the truck gets blown around on the road. As a driver, know and understand the regulations set forth by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and how to drive a truck safely in adverse conditions.

Here are some tips to avoid having an accident during high winds:

  • Follow the weather closely. Wind isn’t the only adverse weather a truck driver can drive through. Stay safe and keep your load and truck safe by watching for high winds and other dangerous weather through visible signs and weather warnings on the radio.
  • Slow down if there is adverse weather. Slowing speeds can help reduce accidents before they happen. Knowing how to drive safely or when to stop driving is imperative to avoiding truck accidents.
  • Perform a pre-trip inspection and secure all doors and exposed items. This is a regular action, but these steps are stressed because of the effects wind can have.
  • If your trailer is empty, it may be worth the extra time to get off the road and avoid the wind all together. An empty trailer is more dangerous than one that’s full and can create significant danger for the truck driver and adjacent vehicles.

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