Been Injured In An Auto Accident? Here Are 5 Signs That You May Have A Personal Injury Case

If you’ve lived in the Philadelphia area long enough, then there’s no doubt that you’ve seen some crazy driving, and there’s a good chance you may have been involved in an accident yourself. Either way, there’s no doubt that automobile accidents are a common occurrence, and as a driver or passenger, it is imperative to know your rights if you are involved in one. If you’ve been injured in an auto accident and are thinking about pursuing a personal injury case, here are 5 things you need to know about your case, and what you may be entitled to.

Tort Coverage

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania offers two distinct options for drivers when they choose their auto insurance policy: Full Tort, and Limited Tort. In a nutshell, Full Tort is a coverage that allows you to sue for compensation for pain and suffering no matter the significance. Limited Tort also allows the policy holder to recover monetary damages for pain and suffering as well, but the pain and suffering must qualify as “serious” under Pennsylvania law. Although it is outlined within the law, many accidents fall often fall into a gray area that can take months to resolve. If you’re concerned about your coverage, then it is very important to look into your Tort coverage to see what you are eligible to collect.

Personal Injury

As you learn more about Tort coverage, it becomes easier to understand how significant even minor injuries can negatively affect your health in the future. If you’ve been injured in an automobile accident – even if it’s just minor bumps, bruises, whiplash, etc., complications could potentially arise later down the line that can affect your quality of life and your earning potential. Be sure to see a doctor immediately to treat all injuries caused by an accident. This could be crucial in gaining the right understanding for what you may be entitled to collect given your Tort coverage.


Unless the accident is completely and unequivocally your fault, you should always consider speaking to an attorney to gain a better understanding of your rights. Pennsylvania uses the comparative negligence system, meaning that your compensation can only be reduced by the degree of responsibility you owe to the cause of the accident. In theory, this means that if you are even partially at fault, but the other driver is more at fault, you may still be eligible to collect damages.

Contacted by Insurance Company

If an insurance company contacts you to discuss the details of a settlement, then there’s a good chance that you have a case in your favor beyond what they offer you. For one thing, automobile accident injuries oftentimes don’t manifest until weeks – sometimes months after the accident. Do not engage with or accept an offer by an insurance company to settle before consulting an attorney. You may be entitled to a more comprehensive settlement package, and the insurance company can even take note of what you divulge to them, and use it against you in court at a later date. If you are contacted by an insurance company, it is one of the most surefire indicators that you have a case on your hands.

Contact us Early

If you have any questions about your automobile accident, we are ready to help guide you through the process as thoroughly and deftly as possible. Time is of the essence in automobile cases, and the quicker you seek legal counsel, the more likely you are to receive the settlement you deserve. Don’t wait a second longer. Contact us today.