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Truck accidents happen multiple times every day throughout the United States. Although we see photographs or footage of the wrecks, we rarely see any as notable as the crash that killed comedian Jimmy Mac (James McNair) and landed comedian and actor Tracy Morgan in a coma for two weeks. Even a year after the accident, Tracy Morgan still has a lot of healing to do from a severe brain injury.

In this case, it was the fault of Walmart OTR driver who struck the vehicle Morgan was in, going 20 miles per hour over the speed limit and without enough sleep. In the court cases associated with this accident, the corporate chain accepted full responsibility and has settled with the families affected, helping with medical bills and burial costs as well as wages lost. Although the damages done will never be covered by a monetary settlement, Morgan has said Walmart has made it up to his family for the damages done.

Truck crashes kills thousands of people and families each and every year, yet the drivers and passengers injured or killed don’t get the media coverage this case has. However, your case can have justice with an experienced truck accident lawyer. If you are blamed for causing the accident or are the victim in the accident, whichever side you are on, we will protect your rights. Call us at Igwe Firm for truck accident lawyers who are experienced in these specific case and sit down with our lawyers for a free consultation. 877-7-JUSTICE