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More Safety Tips For Avoiding Truck Accidents

The occurrence of truck accidents throughout the United States has increased over the last couple of decades. While it’s true that some accidents are unavoidable, other accidents are avoidable when both drivers know and understand how to interact on the road. Take your time when driving and should you get into a truck accident, contact a lawyer in the Philadelphia area for help in protecting your rights.

  • Pay attention while driving, especially around semi trucks. Keep both hands on the wheel at all times. Keep your eyes on the road without distraction. Know where your car is in relation to the vehicles around you. Check your mirrors and speed, by looking at something new every three seconds.
  • Lower your brights when approaching a semi truck. Avoid blasting your lights at semi drivers, it could cause temporary blindness.
  • Don’t cut semi-trucks off. One great way to make sure they have enough time to react and adjust their driving when you need to change lanes is to signal the lane change, but don’t get over until you can count to three after you have the whole cab of the truck in your rearview mirror.

Use these safety tips to avoid having an accident with semi trucks. Do your part to avoid accidents. Accidents with semi trucks are much more dangerous and involve more fatalities than between passenger vehicles. If an accident does happen, contact us at The Igwe Firm to talk about your rights with our truck accident lawyers. Schedule a free case evaluation today!