The Leading Causes Of Trucking Accidents

At The Igwe Firm, we handle trucking accidents of all kinds.

There’s no doubt about it, trucking accidents are among the scariest and most dangerous kinds of motor vehicle accidents, and when you’ve been in one, you need compassionate, experienced representation. Each and every case that we handle is unique, but many trucking accidents are caused by the same basic reasons. The following is a list from our truck accident lawyer in Philadelphia of the leading causes of trucking accidents:

#1. Driver Error

According to the FMSCA, driver error is at least ten times more likely to be the cause of an accident than any other factor. Fatigue, distraction, inattention and substance abuse are some of the most common examples of driver error.

#2. Equipment Failure

Manufacturing and design errors, defective tires and warning device failure are all examples of equipment failure that can cause truck accidents. Although the FMSCA requires truck drivers and their companies to perform pre-trip inspections, unfortunately, these inspections get ignored all too often, which can lead to accidents.

#3. Weather

A truck’s weight and size make it even more dangerous to operate in nasty weather. A driver’s braking ability is often hampered when there is rain or snow present, which is why weather is one of the leading causes for trucking accidents.

Trucking accidents are caused by all kinds of reasons, but no matter what caused the accident that you were in involved in, you need legal representation that you can depend on. Let the experienced truck accident lawyer at The Igwe Firm provide you with the support that you need. Contact us today for your free case evaluation.